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Yoga Equipment

Residential/Virtual Privates: A private yoga session is a lovely way to practice, learn, and be in a space that feels safe to you. Group classes can often be intimidating if you are new to the yoga mat, so private yoga from home can cultivate a safe practice environment that is ideal for any new practitioner. My privates are catered to all bodies and all types of people. Whether you are in the process of healing, wanting to connect with a meditation practice, or needing to move your body to connect to the physical self, I cater each session to each individual. In addition to making sure I hear what you need I use my fifteen years of experience to offer gentle suggestions to help balance both the practicing body and the practicing mind. It is not about enlightenment but rather recognizing the gifts that are already there, the  gems of your own soul.


-Alignment based yoga

-Vinyasa yoga


-Breathing practices & nervous system regulation 

-Yoga Nidra (meditative sleep)

-Functional mobility 

-Yoga for self healing, somatic awareness and reconnecting

Image by Samuel Austin
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