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I'm glad that you stopped by to learn more about coaching. Welcome. Some questions you may have... 


Q: What is Ontological coaching and who can benefit from this style of coaching? 

A: Ontological coaching is the study and observation of "what is." This style of personal development coaching observes emotions, the body, and language as it shows up now. The individual that can benefit from coaching is the individual that wants to be coached. My style of coaching also incorporates CBC (Cognitive Behavioral Coaching), dialectical thinking, mindfulness, symbolism, and somatic awareness. Coaching is for anyone who is interested in creating change and diving deeper into personal development. I provide a safe and inclusive space for all humans including the LGBTQ+ and Veteran communities.


Q: What are some outcomes from coaching?

A: One of the most beautiful parts about coaching is the co-creation of the next steps, not just short term fixes but long term solutions. In co-creating new practices you will get to see the world with new eyes and gain a deeper sense of individual awareness. This can then create a life of less reaction, more stability and ways to cope.

Q: What do you specialize in?

A: I help clients put their story back together, make sense of challenges, and live through their feelings. My coaching focuses on reactivating self-esteem and self-efficacy, relationship skills, understanding grief/loss, connecting to purpose, nervous system regulation, emotional intelligence, somatic awareness, and a deeper engagement with life and community.

Q: What's different about your style of coaching? 

A:  I have always been fascinated by human resiliency. By connecting with "what is" I offer a platform where clients are heard, supported, and viewed as whole. I too am not perfect, never been, and have been swayed by life stressors, ruminating thoughts, and profound loss. It is from this place, the soul, we can acknowledge the truth of what is happening. 

    As oppose to consulting, my work does not offer answers, I instead provide questions so that you can unearth these answers by yourself. The answer is already within you and I deeply trust in this. We then collaborate on practices that will support greater flexibility in life and ways to handle challenging situations. 

   I have coached hundreds of clients, including clients from over ten different countries, and about ninety percent have experienced improvement. I have also done an immense amount of personal therapy over twenty years, with reflection, meditation, and movement as my underpinnings. Not only do I bring the western understandings of cognitive and dialectical behavioral coaching, I incorporate my two decades of eastern studies alongside the works of Stephen Porges and Peter Levine (the purveyors of somatic awareness and nervous system regulation). My personal practices allow me to bring a stable and regulated nervous system into our sessions so that it creates a safe attachment environment for you during our sessions. This is imperative for change. 

Q: What are your credentials?

A: I received my coaching certification through Newfield Network of Colorado in 2019. This program is accredited through the ICF (International Coach Federation, our credentialing body).

I hold over 2500 hours of coaching hours. I just started my clinical hours and will be done with my graduate studies towards becoming a licensed clinician in the state of New Jersey at the end of 2025.

    What's next? Book a complimentary twenty minute consult by clicking the link below. Let's connect to see if you feel it's a good fit. I look forward to meeting you.

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