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#STRETCHitOUT Challenge

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Super excited to launch my #STRETCHitOUT challenge! Starting today! Happening with me from August 17th - September 12th, 2015!!


I will post 27 different stretches on Instagram... you must post a photo of you doing the same stretch on Instagram by the end date 9/12... to be accountable TAGmyself

@kmbonura with the hashtag #STRETCHitOUT

This can be after class, solo, with a friend, or at home, I'm sure you trained your cat or your dog to snap your photo right? Something Bette Davis and I are working on...

Why do this? Our bodies are physically tense not just from being an athlete in class but from everything else we do. Not only will your muscles thank you but so will your mind. When you do awesome things for yourself you start to feel even more awesome and it shows. Taking time to stretch after any work out really helps soothe the muscles. I personally feel less tight after stretching even for five minutes. So watch out for the stretches I have hand picked to do off the bike to complement what we do on the bike. Move & Groove.

Oh Yes, "But Krista what is that awesome sh*t you were talking about," you ask?

If you complete the challenge...

You get a #STRETCHitOUT tote and something marvelous inside it, buttt you'll have to complete the challenge to see what's inside.

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