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Coaching Learning Group

Facilitated by: Krista Bonura

Learn for yourself the simple yet impactful insights of life coaching. Please join me as I work on my Coaching Certification from Newfield Network. As a part of my eight-month program, one of the core learning methodologies are “learning by practicing.” During this exploration, I am facilitating a group to share what I am learning. Looking to explore with a committed group of up to eight individuals for all five sessions. There will be a $20 donation asked per participant that goes towards snacks and refreshments.

Topics we will cover:

· The Art of Ontological Coaching

· Enemies of Learning

· The Power of Language

· Four Basic Moods About Life

· Body Language: Somatic Emotions


Friday, April 19th5:30-7pm

Friday, May 3rd5:30-7pm

Friday, May 24th5:30-7pm

Friday, June 7th5:30-7pm

Friday, June 28th5:30-7pm

(Might change to Mondays or Tuesdays based on group)

Where: West Washington Park area, address TBA

Contact Information:

If you wish to attend or have questions, please e-mail thank you!

“Discover New Eyes to See a New World”

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