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Headstand + Crow Workshop

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Photo by : Matt Stocke

Few spots left in this awesome workshop at Y7!

When: Saturday, September 9th, 2017 2-4p.m.

Location: Y7 - Soho / 430 Broome St.

What: Gain the strength to take your postures to the next level and upside down. Learn how to target key engagements within your core to execute Sirsasana ( Headstand ), Bakasana ( Crow ) , Parsva Bakasana ( Side Crow ) & begin skillfully playing in the world of arm balances. We will break down the fundamentals of these postures leaving you with the confidence and strength to tackle any pose.

How: The experience starts with a warm up targeted toward engaging your core and arms getting you ready to take flight. From there we move on to 30 minutes of vinyasa flow, then we will break down crow, headstand and side crow in great detail. Leave feeling accomplished and ready to flow hard!

Who: All levels welcome. No inversion or arm balance experience required.

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