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Bilingual Yoga at Denver Botanic Gardens with Noemi Nuñez

This is my dear friend and co-owner of YogaPod Lowry, Noemi Nuñez. To me she is a complete rockstar. Not only are her classes true to the teachings of yoga (not just the asana) but she walks the walk, gives back, and exudes kindness. Not to mention she’s a beer judge, legal advocate, speaks a few languages and is just simply awesome. She hosts a beautiful event at the Denver Botanic Gardens, Bilingual Yoga! It truly is an amazing class. Join her on March 21st, May 16th, June 20th and more! Tickets are $10. Support this amazing event and experience a class taught in half english and half spanish. Click the link below to book your ticket!

Ticket Link to Bilingual Yoga with Noemi Nuñez 🎟

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